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Special Notice. 

Our site is currently experiencing technical difficulties and the ADM product pages are missing. We apologize for this inconvenience
and are working to restore the pages as soon as possible.

The Night ADM includes the sandal and ADM for $292.50 USD, and is available in Sizes 4-12; Sizes 0-3 available
on an as-needed basis, providing the child has extenuating circumstances. It is not available for purchase online at this time;
please email us at to order. Prescription required for parent orders. ADM orders have a 5 day lead time.

Night ADMs and sandals are for night time wear only. They have a rigid footplate and are not designed for walking or running.
They may be used for gentle walking around the house prior to bed or nap time and do not need to be removed to walk to the
bathroom at night. Active play or running in night-time ADMs may result in accidents or damage. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN

Fax Number Change.

Please note that our fax number has been changed to 319-359-7384.

Pricing Change Notice.

In an effort to continue offering our customers access to premium clubfoot products,
we are pleased to announce the following price decrease on Ponseti® AFOs and abduction bar products.

We are eliminating the 5% credit card discount.

Item:  Old Price  | New Price

  • AFO Pair: $237.60 |  $190.00
  • AFO TS Pair: $271.80 | $215.00
  • AFO/PFS Pair: $327.60 | $260.00
  • AFO/PFS TS Pair: $361.80 | $290.00
  • Ponseti® Bar: $77.40 | $60.00
  • Dobbs Bar: $150.00 | $120.00
  • Universal Mount: $11.00 | $9.00
  • Pressure Saddle: $9.90 | $8.00 

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