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November 15, 2022 | **Attention all Brazil Customers**

Please contact us if you would like to place an order either by phone at 1-877-766-7384 or email us at  info@mdorthopaedics.com

April  4, 2022 | Change is in the Air - Orthopediatrics Acquires MD Orthopaedics
MD Orthopaedics, Inc has been acquired by OrthoPediatrics Corp (OP), an Indiana-based public company (NASDAQ: KIDS)
founded to serve the unmet needs of children with orthopedic conditions.

MD Orthopaedics is the global leader in Ponseti Method clubfoot orthoses. We currently sell our Mitchell Ponseti® and Ponseti®
brand products in over 90 countries and have an extensive distribution network serving over 120 countries.

This acquisition will expand the suite of orthopedic products available to our customers and will introduce MD Orthopaedics
products to an even wider audience of orthopedic surgeons, orthotists, and physical therapists around the globe.

This is a unique opportunity for MD Orthopaedics to join forces with another company equally focused on pediatric orthopedics.
The potential impact of a combined product pipeline is enormous and will give surgeons and other clubfoot clinicians new ways to
improve the lives of children all over the world. In addition, with MD Ortho now being part of the ORTHOPEDIATRICS’ family,
we will be looking to serve major unmet specialty bracing needs beyond the clubfoot space. It is truly an exciting time for MDO,
OP, physicians, parents, and kiddos!

Please know that it will be business as usual for the MD Orthopaedics team. There will be no change in pricing, ordering, product
availability, shipping, or any other existing process.

You will continue to order your Mitchell Ponseti brand AFOs and abduction bars, as well as other Ponseti brand products just as
you always have.

We understand that this is a big change and that there will be many questions about what this acquisition means for you.
Over the next few days, there will be many lines of communication opened to address these questions and to assure you that
your relationship with MD Orthopaedics will not change.

Our unwavering commitment to the Ponseti Method of clubfoot treatment will be exponentially increased in this new partnership
with the OrthoPediatrics family.
# # #

MD Orthopaedics and C-Pro Direct are no longer supplying each other’s products, as of the end of December, 2021. We are no longer able to purchase the following products: Night ADM, Black Robin Socks, and Dorsi Ramps; but we will continue to sell our remaining stock on hand.

Announcement February 2, 2022

We are no longer able to accept payment via Western Union; we do apologize for this inconvenience.  Credit card can be used through our online store.  We do accept bank wire transfers, but you must contact our office at 877-766-7384 to order.

Announcement November 1, 2021 (updated January 17, 2022)

We pioneered a clubfoot brace that became the accepted standard of care.

Our commitment to comfort, confidence, and parental peace of mind remains unchanged.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce a new network of European distributors who will be offering Ponseti Brand and Mitchell Ponseti Brand products:

TalarMade Limited (serving the UK and Ireland)

Lomed Netherlands BV (serving Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg)

Basko Healthcare (serving Germany, Switzerland and Austria)

Celeris Innovacion Ortoprotestica SL
(serving Spain, Portugal and Morocco)

Embreis AB (serving Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden)

Tielle Camp (serving Italy)

Clubfoot Factory Poland (serving Poland)

(serving France and its Overseas Territories: Corsica, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, Reunion Island, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, French Southern and Antarctic Lands)

OrtoProfil Prod Romania (serving Romania)

CENTRUM TECHNICKÉ ORTOPEDIE, s.r.o. (serving Czech Republic)

Please note that we are continuing to build our network and establish partnerships with other distributors. If your country is not currently represented on this list, please check back again, as we will update this list as new partnerships are created.

If you are in need of immediate service, please contact us at info@mdorthopaedics.com 



Announcement October 21, 2021

Since our founding in 2004, MD Orthopaedics has never had a price increase. In 2012 and 2018 we reduced prices dramatically to pass as much value       as possible on to our customers and parents. In the last 2 years the cost to serve has changed for many businesses, including ours. Effective November 15th, 2021 we will be instituting a price increase and reverting back to a similar pricing schedule of 2018.

Email info@mdorthopaedics.com to receive the new pricing list in advance of the price change.

If you purchase in large quantities, we encourage you to please email sales@mdorthopaedics.com to see if you qualify for our discounts or rebate     program.

We value your business and will continue to provide you with the highest quality braces and clubfoot products. We will never compromise on quality or service; that is our promise. From the bottom of my heart thank you for everything you do to serve the children we care so deeply about.

Best regards,

Luke Mitchell
General Manager & Executive V.P.

COVID-19: Update:

We at MD Orthopaedics are continuing to strive to meet and exceed customer expectations but due to the effect of COVID-19 we will need to make the
following changes for the foreseeable future:

•UPS delivery service not guaranteed at this time

•International shipping as usual, barring any country restrictions

•There may be a greater potential for backorders

We are taking additional hygiene and sanitation protocols to ensure facility cleanliness.

We are devoted to keeping our employees, their families and our community safe and healthy while maintaining customer service and will update these
measures as necessary.

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