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Welcome to MD Orthopaedics

Security Notice.

Monday: April 1, 2019: We have been made aware that our telephone numbers 319-256-5656 and 877-766-7384 have been spoofed, and telemarketing calls are being placed that look like they are from our company.  Real, outgoing calls from our business will NOT display either of those numbers on your caller ID.  If you received a call from these numbers, please accept our apologies and disregard
the calls. 

The FCC website has some information about caller ID spoofing:
If you have given out personal information to the caller, you should file a report with the FTC: . 
Click the red banner at the top that says ‘Click here to report someone falsely claiming to be from the government, a business,
or a family member’.

Pricing Change Notice.

In an effort to continue offering our customers access to premium clubfoot products,
we are pleased to announce the following price decrease on Ponseti® AFOs and abduction bar products.

We are eliminating the 5% credit card discount.

Item:  Old Price  | New Price

  • AFO Pair: $237.60 |  $190.00
  • AFO TS Pair: $271.80 | $215.00
  • AFO/PFS Pair: $327.60 | $260.00
  • AFO/PFS TS Pair: $361.80 | $290.00
  • Ponseti® Bar: $77.40 | $60.00
  • Dobbs Bar: $150.00 | $120.00
  • Universal Mount: $11.00 | $9.00
  • Pressure Saddle: $9.90 | $8.00 

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