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AFO Socks, Pack of 3 Pair - CHOOSE SIZE BELOW

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Introducing the Black Robin Designs Bamboo Socks|

For maximum comfort and protection of sensitive skin, the sandals should be worn with smooth, soft, close fitting socks. Our Black Robin Designs socks have been designed specifically for use with sandals.

A common cause of problems for children wearing foot braces for prolonged periods of time, especially those with sensitive skin is inappropriate socks.

Why Bamboo Socks?:

Super soft stretchy fabric fitting close to the skin
Anti-static and kind to allergy prone skin
Antibacterial properties of bamboo reduce foot smells
UV protection of bamboo fabric blocks out most UV rays, perfect for children's sensitive skin
Moisture wicking bamboo rich material keeps feet dry and cool
Bamboo is warm yet breathable, making it ideal in all temperatures
Minimal internal seam
Silicon dots on sole to hold sock in position
Extra height, so ideal for wearing with various types of AFO

Environmental Benefits of Bamboo include:

Fully biodegradable
Less water needed for Bamboo than other crops
Fast growing and naturally occurring
Yields same as cotton using 10% of the land area

Double Layer:

The Double Layered bamboo sock is inspired by the type of socks used by long distance runners. The outer and inner sock layers move freely over one another, minimizing rubbing forces between the skin and soft tissues. A well made double layered sock massively reduces skin friction, which is the major cause of blisters and sores. As sores can be common with children in foot braces, wearing socks is vital for continuing their treatment. If the Size is not available in the drop-down menu or the "Add to Order" button is missing, we do not have stock yet; please check back.

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