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* Note: Custom colors may take up to 2 weeks to manufacture, are non-returnable, and cost an additional $20.00 each ($40.00 per pair), compared to standard colors: gray, blue, and pink.

Ordering instructions:

After placing a Custom Color AFO in your cart by clicking 'Add to Order', a window will appear which says 'Choose color' at the top; click the button 'Choose Custom Color', then choose the color in the next window by entering the quantity of '1' in the box under your chosen color. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click 'OK'. When you click 'Checkout', the item "Ultrasuede-(color name)" will then be in your cart along with the AFO item. If the window did not appear to choose your color, click the 'choose a color' link below. Click the "Select Options" button next to your color choice, then click 'Add to Order'. Choose a Color

If a desired color is not chosen, your order will be delayed until we email you and receive your reply of color choice.

Please note the following when ordering our Custom Color AFOs:

  • Please allow for a 2 week lead time for manufacturing.
  • No returns or exchanges; all sales final.
  • Custom Color AFO pairs and singles are available for sizes 0000-12 in standard style for $270.00 per pair ($135.00 each) and sizes 00-12 in PFS style, for $365.00 per pair ($182.50 each).
  • All items on an order with a Custom Color AFO will be delayed until the Custom Color AFO is ready to ship. If you would like stock items sent immediately, please place a separate order for them.

Standard ankle foot orthotic for use with the Ponseti method of clubfoot correction. Our patented system features a hard sole, a soft rubber lining for comfort and compliance, and a soft synthetic leather body and straps. The location of the heel can easily be seen through two holes in the back of the AFO and the footwear attaches to the Ponseti® Bar (SOLD SEPARATELY), in accordance with the standard Ponseti bracing protocol, with built-in dorsiflexion.

Product code:AFO-MORE-COLORS
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