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Clubfoot Chronicles, Maureen Hoff

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"Up to 95% of clubfoot treatment is managed at home by the parents" - Dr. Shafique Pirani

Maureen Hoff found this out the hard way and like most clubfoot parents was totally unprepared for the work involved in managing her daughter's care. She spent hours on the computer researching clubfoot and clubfoot treatment options, searching for more information, resources, and support to help her manage the day-to-day challenges of caring for a clubfoot child.

Clubfoot Chronicles is the result of Maureen's months of research and real-world experience, written to help other clubfoot parents manage the realities of the clubfoot diagnosis and treatment journey. Maureen offers specific advice to help you find the answers you seek while providing some much-needed reassurance along the way. Her informal, coffee-chat tone, extensive first-hand knowledge, and personal stories will give parents the confidence to manage their child's medical care successfully.

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